Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The Mortrex concrete mixer was created out of sheer need. It was designed to be used by fence installers to set fence posts in concrete. Specifically it was created for job sites that were steep and had rough terrain. When used with a 5 gallon bucket, the Mortrex mixer can quickly and easily mix a 60 lb bag of concrete - the exact amount needed to set a fence post! The correct amount of water and mix to use is indicated on the tool to make a perfect batch of concrete every time.

Pouring concrete from the bucket into the fence post hole proved to be much faster and neater than any old method. Previously, concrete was mixed in a wheel barrow, masonry trough, or portable cement mixer. These methods of concrete mixing are messy and wasteful. Typically concrete falls off the shovel, hoe, or trough as it is moved to the hole. With the Mortrex Concrete Mixing Tool, the concrete stays in the bucket where you want it while you bring it to where you need it. NO WASTE.
Additionally, large, bulky traditional concrete mixing equipment takes up A LOT of valuable space in a truck and may even require a trailer. The Mortrex Concrete Mixer can be transported simply and easily! Its PORTABILITY is optimal!

Most fence sites are anything but flat and level. Navigating a wheel barrow full of concrete over uneven terrain is difficult, messy, and wasteful. To avoid this hassle, EFFICIENCY became ESSENTIAL. The solution was to avoid running concrete back and forth altogether and mix it at each hole instead. For fence installations, the key was to simply put a 60lb. bag of concrete mix where each post would go and then move from one hole to the next with water. What a relief! Less back-tracking, Less back ache, Less clean-up, Less time spent at the job!

The qualities of portability and simplified measurement have proven to be useful in many, many industries besides fencing. Landscapers appreciate being able to mix a bag of concrete in less than 30 seconds. They love the ability to easily mix a batch wherever they are working. Masons enjoy mixing mortar quickly and efficiently in places where their traditional methods and tools don't allow access. Numerous contractors have raved about the freedoms the Mortrex Mixing Tool allows. Being able to go anywhere without worrying about electric or batteries is such an asset. Teachers, artists, and homeowners have all experienced the practical benefits of the Mortrex Concrete Mixing Tool. Order yours today!